The Journey

This is our unique maternity offering aimed at showcasing the beauty of motherhood. At VPcube, we believe there is no better way to capture the joy of bringing a new life into the world other than carefully documenting the glow and growing belly in beautiful creative pictures by our professional team. We are always excited to celebrate the special bond between mommies and babies even when they are yet to meet their precious bundle of joy. Our expertise is to always make you look and feel your best even through the morning sickness, sleepless nights and the sometimes unbearable pain.

My first moments

A special offering in newborn photography that aims to capture the baby’s first moments just after delivery. One cannot overemphasize the joy a new baby brings into the world after the successful journey in the womb. We capture the moment that your special bundle of joy arrives and frame it into a priceless memory to last for a lifetime and as a special experience to be treasured.

My first year

Babies grow so fast which is why we make you tell the story yourselves while viewing our pictures. With MyFirstYear all those purity and innocence associated with childhood fantasies are specially documented; those precious times of their lives which one cannot bring back except we still and steal those amazing memories. Our distinguishing signature is knowing how to make the best use of props and clothing and the right moment to introduce each item to ensure our kids are responsive and excited all through the session, most especially during our 1st year cake smash themes.

Milestone Diary

Being a baby is just for a short period of time, so we believe documenting those fast organic growths of genuineness cannot be overemphasized. Each child is beautiful in their own way and recording important milestones is our delight and keeping them to fill the space of time is our expertise. Our milestone session helps you to capture the every important stage and age with creative ideas.

Lifestyle Xtra

Here is our special offering tailored to reveal your story. We creatively document the everyday life activities capturing style, peculiar moments, interests, and personalities in an unposed scenery. It is the far from look-at-me-and-say-cheese-pictures and a step ahead of candid shots. It ultimately showcases the true moments which unfolds naturally while we show real emotions, fun as well as artistically telling your stories to celebrate you and inspire others.

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