Our Team

Queen B is the Creative Director and Chief Photographer of Vantage Point Picture Perfect (VPcube),
a subsidiary of A&A (Aston and Ashridge Business Services). Her journey into professional photography began in 2010 in Illinois, USA where she decided to pursue her interest in maternity, child and family photography. In 2014, she enrolled for the Lagos Photo Summer School organised by expert tutors from NEUE SCHULE FUR FOTOGRAFIE, Berlin, Germany. She also participated at the Lagos Photo Festival exhibition and her selection of works which was aimed at interpreting the classic song “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra received many accolades from other professionals and critics.

In 2015, in her quest for knowledge, she enrolled and completed a certification course organised by an award-winning photographer based in Houston, Texas and one of the only few Certified Professional Photographers in the USA. She has also attended many programmes and conferences including Nigerian Photography Expo and Conference NIPHEC.

She is a fountain of knowledge about the development of a baby; a skill which she creatively harnesses during her photo-sessions. Using her networking skills, she continues to break boundaries and pursues ultimate perfection in her works.

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