Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Bunmi G. Adebimpe, but most people call me Queen B – I am sure you would love that too. I am the CEO/Creative Strategist of Vantage Point Picture People (VPcube), a subsidiary of A&A (Aston and Ashridge Business Services). Taking pictures is a thing of pride for me and I consider it one of the greatest artistic ventures created by man. A fun-fact about me though weird – I never get tired when taking pictures, rather I am more pumped up creating those beautiful images you will love to cherish forever.

I work with an amazing team of photographers and staff that help to ensure you have the best experience right from when you make enquiries through the booking process and all the way to achieving your desired outcome, be it in our specialized photography, rental or training services. We are forward thinking professionals creating true service and experience to ensure you continue to be an important part of our big family. My team and I always ensure the time spent, is not only worth your while but brings the best in you, your loved ones, and connects with your true essence.

Now, I usually work more behind the scenes as I juggle photography, studio/props/backdrops rental and specialized training services with my coaching and counselling service. I love them all and interestingly, I still find time to create quality time with my two beautiful girls, wonderful husband and family.

Let me tell you a bit about my journey into professional photography. It began in 2010 in Illinois, USA where I made the first decision to pursue my interest in photography. In 2014, I enrolled for the Lagos Photo Summer School organised by expert tutors from NEUE SCHULE FUR FOTOGRAFIE, Berlin, Germany. In 2015, I completed my photography certification course organised by an award-winning photographer based in Houston, Texas. He is one of the only few Certified Professional Photographers in the USA. I have attended many programmes and conferences including Nigerian Photography Expo and Conference NIPHEC and also anchored and facilitated training sessions on photography at The Future Enterprise Support Scheme organised by RED Media Africa.

Being a mother, I am very passionate about the growth and development of a child. This is the skill my team and I bring to bear through our child-led approach which we creatively harness during our photo-sessions. I created #MyFirstMoments, a foremost baby photography service in partnership with major hospitals in Lagos and is regarded as one of the best child photography services in Nigeria.

As a continuous life learner, thinker and dreamer, I am learning to continuously evolve my craft to create superior customer experience with the help of my team (they are the best since sliced bread). I have facilitated various workshops and have trained many photographers both within VPcube internship programme and external trainings, including The Future Project. I am blessed with great insights as well as networking and connecting skills and this has helped me in breaking boundaries and pursuing my other important dreams to empower young women (DareToInspire┬«´ŞĆ) and helping people fulfil their life purpose, gain clarity and provide transformative solutions for living happier and healthier lives (Coaching, therapy and Counselling Services) transitionsandwellness.com

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